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Blasting Bunny

The King is back and he's not showing any mercy to pathetic white belt sluts who enter his dojo! Tiny Bunny could do nothing but cry as the Karate King grabbed her by her hair and had his way with her. Leo's devastating kicks and massive size 13 feet blast Bunny's pretty face over and over again! He also takes the time to crush her kitty with his kicks and then delivers a face flattening kick and causes poor Bunny to land flat on her back unconscious! The King then takes his time to pose over his prey, stepping hard on her face and body before carrying her away to throw out like trash!

80 Photos - $7.95



Punch A Drunk!

Leo is walking when drunk bitch Tori bumps into him! He demands an apology but the drunk slut not only doesn't apologize, she annoys him even more and that's when the heavy handed bad boy loses his patience and pounds the drunk loser with his mighty fists! The poor girl never knew what hit her as Leo smashes her goofy face over and over and over again! Her eyes crossed, tongue flapping and battered face turn her from pretty face to smashed, trashed and unconscious slut! Leo is satisfied that he beat an apology out of her as he poses with Tori by shoving his hand in her mouth, pulling out her tongue and distorting her once pretty face!

208 Photos - $19.95



The Class Brat

Tori is the class brat and she's been a very bad girl. She always makes fun of her teacher Mr. Leo behind his back and she's always flirting with the boys. But when she gets a big "F" on her test, Tori all of a sudden becomes sweet and brings Mr. Leo an apple to try and convince him into changing her grade. That's when Mr. Leo explodes with anger and directs all to Tori. The pissed off  teacher pounds the school girl with punches, kicks, knees and humiliating positions. Towards the end Mr. Leo strips the little slut down, stuffs the apple in her mouth and blasts her in the mouth so hard that the apple explodes all over the place, knocking Tori out once and for all. Mr. Leo then takes his time and poses over the bad girl then drags her away like trash.

175 Photos - $16.95




The King of Karate, Leo, is training in his dojo when a girl named Orias walks into his school and laughs in his face! She tells him that he is nothing! That he is a loser! That he is a white belt fool! Leo feels disrespected and no one disrespects the King! Leo explodes with kick after powerful kick to Orias's tiny pathetic body! His mighty feet find her face with each strike! Orias can do nothing but cry, beg and yell for help as the King humiliates her even more by stripping her of her black gi and leaving her in nothing but a skimpy thong and bra as he goes in for the total and complete knock out of this little bitch! A must for fans of Karate King Leo!

115 Photos $10.95



Kitty Crusher

Leo was so excited to see his girlfriend Elan and go on a date. But when Leo approached, he over heard his girlfriend talking to another man! And she told him she loved him! That SLUT! Leo was finished with this slut, but he wasn't going to let her get away with it, her kitty had to be crushed! Leo uses his big feet to kick, stomp and crush Elan's Asian kitty! She begs, cries and moans as her now ex-boyfriends kicks destroy her pussy so that she can never use it the same way again!

160 Photos $14.95



Sonya Suffers

The King of Karate is back and Leo's badder than ever! Showing off his lethal karate kicks, Leo is confronted by black belt bitch, Sexy Sonya! She gets in Leo's face and challenges to a match, but Sonya is no match for Leo's BIG size 13 feet! The match begins and Leo unleashes his wrath on Sonya and makes the karate slut suffer with kick after powerful kick to her big tits and pretty face! His smooth but strong sole pounds into Sonya's face and tits over and over again until she is trashed & that's when Leo rips her gi pants off exposing her thong as he goes for the final knock out kick to the face and plants his mighty foot down on her oversized tits for the victory!

123 Photos $12.95

Broken Bitch

The King is back and this time special guest, Caroline Pierce, is his latest victim! She walks on to the set like she's hot stuff, but Leo doesn't care who this slut is! It's show time and Caroline is about to be stretched to the max! Leo puts this big assed bitch through the ringer! She kicks, stomps and smashes Caroline with his big bad feet! He then puts on the power and stretches Caroline so much and in so many different ways, she passes out due to the pain! The King then takes his time and poses all over the broken bitch as he plants his massive sole on her face for another amazing victory!

135 Photos $12.95



Bar Room Brawl

It's a Friday night and the bar is packed! Leo is saying hi to friends when a catfight breaks out! Two girls, Anna and Elan are fighting when they fall all over Leo. He tries to break it up but the girls get nasty and now turn against him! But Leo doesn't back down, he's going to teach these Ladies a lesson! Everyone in the Bar cheers Leo on as he kicks, punches and smashes his way to victory over the two sluts that tried to bust his balls! In the end they lay knocked out on the bar room floor as Leo steps on them and enjoys a drink!

100 Photos $9.95



In Her Face!

Sharron is such a bitch! She thinks she's hot stuff and that no man can beat her! In fact, she calls you and all men, total losers! But that all changes today! Bitch  beater, Leo, is in the house and he's not going to show any mercy to Sharron! The fight begins and the pathetic  girl doesn't even get a hit in before the King launches foot after big punishing foot to her pretty face! Leo then fires knees to her kitty and face! Chops to her neck and fists to her soft belly! The King of Kicks finishes this awesome set by choking the bitch with her own stocking before flattening her face under his massive hard hitting soles! The victory poses are just the icing on the cake of Leo's latest Victory!

140 Photos $13.95



Tori Knocked Out!

Sexy Bad Girl Tori steps into the ring with the King of K.O.s Leo! Tori has total attitude as she taunts the Champ with her sassy ways and tiny G-kini. When the match begins Tori puts her hands up to fight, but this isn't a fight, its a total beat down as Leo pounds her hot body and pretty face with punch after punch until Tori is crushed like the slut she is. After a one sided beating, Tori falls against the wall and slides down, but Leo is not satisfied and  goes in for an explosive knock out punch that sends Tori's legs wide open as she splays out unconscious...and still the undisputed champion is King Leo!

65 Photos - $6.95



Leo Crushes Lizzy

The battle is on as Lil Lizzy dares  to take on the Man of Iron, Leo, in a knock out only match! The tiny girl is treated like a ragdoll from the very started as she is picked up, dropped, stretched and smashed! Lizzy cries for help as Leo shows her no mercy! Lizzy's kitty is repeatedly punished, her tiny body broken before being put to sleep, knocked out and posed over by her Master!

135 Photos $12.95

Painful Demonstration

Master Leo is teaching his karate class when he notices a white belt loser names Lela, just sitting their bored and playing with her hair. That's when Master Leo orders her to stand up and get ready for a painful demonstration. Master Leo forces her to bow to him as he turns into a lethal machine gun of kicking power! Master Leo's big feet smash, kick and crush the pathetic white belt's face and body. After the Master has knocked her out, he takes his time to pose over, flattening her face with his big sole. He then strips her of her belt and ties her up for a final victory pose in front of the entire class.

115 Photos - $11.95

"The Man"

Leo is "The Man". He's rich, good looking and the ladies love him...well, not all of them. While walking down the street, "The Man" is attacked by a crazy knife wielding bitch! Probably some slut he had over for the night and now she's mad he never called, but the crazy slut made a big mistake and Leo will make her pay! He slowly slips off his expensive loafers and proceeds to crush the girl with his big lethal feet. Tori is torn to pieces as Leo kicks her face, kitty and body. He delivers knees, chops and feet to her pretty face and he even smothers the girls face with big stuff! The end is just as humiliating as the beginning as "The Man" knocks Tori out and poses with his big foot all over the crazy bitches face.

125 Photos $12.95

Black Belt Brats

Black belt brats, Lola and Tammy are not very smart. They challenged the King of Karate, Leo and got their hot little asses kicked for it. Leo doesn't hold back when he delivers kick after powerful kick to Lola and Tammy's faces and kittys. The girls are stunned and can do nothing but feel Leo's foot power and hope they get knocked out quickly. After Leo has finished the brats, he poses over them and finally ties them up and puts them on display.

120 Photos $11.95


Purse Snatcher

Leo is a purse snatcher! But today he picked on the wrong girl, Dragonlily! She's been taking karate classes and when Leo tries to snatch her purse, she tells Leo to back off, then pulls out her karate book to see which moves she can use to kick the snatchers ass! But Leo is not waiting around for this bitch! He kicks off her shoes and shoots his BIG foot all over the bitches face! The Asian slut can only sit there and take is as Leo snatches her chance of fighting back! In the end the worthless girl is left in a very humiliating position while Leo steps all over her face and then snatches her purse before leaving her spread out for all to see!

145 photos $14.95


He Can't Be Beat!

Tori has been crushed by Leo many, many times! Now she wants revenge and she knows how to beat him! She meets him for a drink and while they chat, she slips a drug in his drink and then challenges him to a karate fight to the finish! Later that day they meet in the dojo and Leo is visibly drugged. Tori is happy and quickly smashes his face with a front kick, but as the drug wears off, Leo realizes what has happened and now the punishment begins! Tori is kicked in the face with so many hard kicks that there is nothing she can do. She tried and failed again, Leo can't be beat! This is a massive photo set with amazing kicks and hard hitting action. Tori is ruined and Leo is at his karate kicking best!

225 Photos $21.95



Sassy Brat Tammy is the kind of bitch you just want to smash and Leo is just the man for the job! Tammy looks into the camera and flips you off! Calls you a loser! And makes fun of you! But when she faces off against The King, she can do nothing but get her hair pulled, her soft belly punched, her pretty face kicked, her kitty kneed and her body broken as Leo puts the hammer down on sassy brat Tammy! Through out the match Leo humiliates the young girl by stripping her down to nothing but her little pink panties and bra, then finishing her with a massive stomp to the face, his size 13 sole flattening the little brat's face! After, Leo takes his time and poses all over the stripped bitch showing us once again that no girl can escape his wrath!

130 Photos $12.95


Return Of The King

It's the return of the King as Leo steps back into the dojo to face off against his favorite victim, Tori. The black belt girl shows off some of her kicks before they bow, but that's where it ends! The King of Karate unleashes his massive feet all over Tori's sexy body. Her face, her breasts and her kitty are crushed under the power of Leo's kicks. In the end, only Leo is left standing as he poses over a knocked out Tori, his giant sole pressed hard on her DeFeeted face!

110 Photos $10.95

Tori DeFeeted 1

Everyone loves to see a pretty girl get ruined by the King's BIG feet! In this best of photos set, the Foot Mode Princess, Tori, gets smashed and trashed by Leo's highly skilled, super deadly, very powerful kicks and feet! Tori can do nothing but sit there and take it in the face and all over her body as Leo ruins her to the max!

125 Photos $10.95


Greatest Hits 3

The Bitch Beating King struts his stuff in this best of photo set of  his greatest hits! Watch as he kicks, punches, picks up, slams, stomps, knocks out and poses over Tori, Heather, Dre & Lizzy!

160 Photos $13.95


Foot To Face 1

King Leo is back in this best of photo set with over 100 foot to face photos! Girls like Kali, Elan, Anna, Nicole, Cat and More are all kicked in the face by Leo's massive feet and soles! Once they are knocked out, the Man celebrates his victory by stepping hard on these wasted girl's faces! all action, all foot to face shots, all knock outs!

100 Photos $9.95


The Come Back Kid

It was a karate fight to the finish and Kali, the sexy Latina thought she had beat the mighty Lion! Caught up in victory poses and showing off, Kali did not realize that Leo was back up and ready for action! Kali did her best but the come back kid fired kick after powerful kick that smashed into Kali's face! Leo unleashed front kicks, side kicks, hook kicks, snap kicks, crotch kicks and an incredible flying side kick that put the hot bitch down for the count! That's when Leo took her belt and planted his mighty foot on her face and proclaimed victory!

100 Photos $9.95


My Money!

Businessman Leo is walking to his car when a tough girl pulls out a knife and orders Leo to hand over his money! He puts his hands up and give up. She puts the knife to his throat and demands him money, but before he can give the bitch anything, the karate king whips into action! Fast, deadly and devastating kicks and feet fly! Celeste is smashed, trashed, kicked and chopped by the businessman! She wanted his money and after getting her ass kicked, Leo gives her his money as he stomps on her knocked out face!

120 Photos $11.95

Big Foot

The BIG FOOT drops the hammer in this match against little Lizzy! The tiny girl tries and fails to take down Leo! From the start it's all Leo and his power! The King drops his BIG FOOT all over Lizzy's little face and body. His power is awesome and devastating! Kick after kick is thrown as the BIG FOOT pounds Lizzy down and out and then Leo's sole drops hard on the beaten bitches face for he best victory poses around! Once he's done using Lizzy's face for a foot stool, he picks her up and carries her away like trash.

145 Photos $13.95

Greatest Hits 2

The Bitch Beating King struts his stuff in this best of photo set of  his greatest hits! Watch as he kicks, punches, picks up, slams, stomps, knocks out and poses over Tessa! Sonya! Dragonlily! Cat! Jordan! Anna! Elan & Nicole!

170 Photos $14.95

Brutal Kicks

If you like big powerful feet and brutal kicks, then this is the set for you! The Mighty King of Kicks, Leo faces off against great female kicker Orias and puts on a show for all to enjoy as she crushes the little red head with a ton of amazing kicks! Leo decimates Orias's little body with front kicks, side kicks, back kicks, round kicks, hook kicks and more! He also punishes the pathetic girl with fists, knees and of course his world famous size 12 feet! At the end Leo takes his time and sets up Orias for a devastating knock out kick that forces her to land on his foot! He then poses all over her with his mighty foot pressed hard on her body, breasts and face!

150 Photos $14.95

The Karate King 1

The Karate King, Leo the Black Belt Boy stars in this best of, hard kicking, foot to the face, action shots only set! Watch as he demonstrates his amazing karate kicks to the face and bodies of pretty losers Tori, Elan, Roxie and Kali. All ending in Knock Outs! All ending in Victory Poses! All ending like the Karate King demanded, with his BIG Foot on their pretty ruined faces!

120 Photos 11.95

Greatest Hits 1

The Bitch Beating King struts his stuff in this best of photo set of  his greatest hits! Watch as he kicks, punches, picks up, slams, stomps, knocks out and poses over Dragonlily! Caroline! Brandy! Paola! And Aiden!

112 Photos $10.95

Gang Girls

Dressed in his best Italian suit, Businessman Mr. Leo is walking to his car when two gang girls, Lizzy and Mila step up to him! They demand his money or he will get hurt! Mr. Leo tells them to get lost and the gang girls rough him up, but not for long! Mr. Leo knows how to take care of business and he has no mercy on low life sluts like these two! Mr. Leo uses his black belt karate skills to teach these gang girls a real lesson! This set is packed with awesome 2 on 1 action! Powerful Kicks! Complete Domination! Knock Outs! Victory Poses! And Much  More!

145 Photos $13.95

El Macho Returns

Back by popular demand, El Macho Returns! This time against Little Lizzy, the pathetic loser who thinks she can take on the Grand Luchador, El Macho and beat him! This must be a joke, El Macho says as she looks down at the tiny excuse for a girl! The match begins as El Macho shows Lizzy who is more powerful, kneeing her soft belly and crushing her kitty with his power! The beating continues with El Macho destroying Lizzy with leg scissors, punches to her face, sleeper holds, spreading her legs, kicks to the kitty, body and face! Little Lizzy gets knocked out twice in this match, both times El Macho poses over her with awesome victory poses!

130 Photos for $12.95


This is a Foot Fight to the finish! At first, Orias and Leo show their feet to the camera, then they meet face to face. As usual, Orias is cocky and defiant! But rough tough bad ass Leo is not going to let some big mouth bitch beat him! Leo smashes into Orias, forcing the tiny girl to hit herself! Leo wastes no time as he quickly humiliates Orias by making her kick herself in the face, suck her own toes and eat her own feet! Then the King kicks it into high gear by kicking the slut in the face with his massive feet, flattening her face! Leo then ends the domination by forcing Orias to foot smother herself before he finishes her off with a foot smother of his own! His giant soles flat on her face, Orias is done and DeFeet as the King poses over her!

130 Photos for $12.95

Lela The Loser

Lela thinks she can take on Leo, what a joke! Her confidence is quickly crushed by the King! Leo completely ruins Lela the loser with awesome kicks her to soft body! Gets her in sleeper holds and leg scissors! Her crushes her big boobs and punishes her with ass splitting wedgies before a final knock out kick to the face and poses over Lela the loser showing once again that no slut can beat King Leo!

125 Photos for $12.95

Beaten Blonde

Anna is a dumb blonde that made a big mistake of challenging Leo and his Karate against her pathetic wrestling! Leo gladly accepted knowing he would have a good time dominating and humiliating Anna under his black belt power! The blonde loser never had a chance to make a move! It was all Leo from the beginning as he kicked, chopped, kneed and stomped the blonde bimbo into unconsciousness! The Karate King then poses over the beaten blonde with his mighty foot planted hard on her ruined face!

170 Photos for $15.95

The Other Man

Mila is dating Leo and other guy and another guy! What a slut! Leo walks in and finds Mila talking to another man! That's it! He's warned Mila many times before to stop talking to other men, Leo will not be the other man and today Mila is going to get the beat down she deserves! The slut gets rocked over and over again by Leo's powerful punches, fierce fists and merciless punishment! In the end Mila is head down, ass up like the slut she is while Leo poses over and tells the pathetic bitch to get lost!

175 Photos for $15.95

Beaten Boss

Miss Tori is the new young, pretty, bitchy Boss that loves to torture her employees and tell them they are doing a horrible job! She calls in Leo, one of the companies best employees and tells him that he sucks at his job! Leo has had enough of this bossy bitch! It's time someone put their foot down...on her face! He leave her office and returns in his Karate Gi and Black Belt, Miss Tori tries to confront him, but Leo has had enough! He unleashes kick after punishing kick all over his bosses hot body! Her crushes her kitty, flattens her face and stomps on her using her BIG dominant feet! He forces her to suffer while he steps all over her face asking "Who's the boss now, bitch?"

165 Photos for $14.95

Ruined Slut

Little Holly is a total slut and Leo is out to teach her a lesson! It's time someone crush this sluts kitty and put her out of commission for a long time! He drags little Holly in by the hair and proceeds to crush her kitty a million different ways that include kicks, knees, wedgies, stomps and much more! Holly is now worthless and its time to pick her up, spread her legs and drop her on her head for the knock out, this little slut wont be messing around for a long time!

105 Photos for $9.95

King Kick Boxer

Leo Van Damn is the King of Kick Boxing and every bitch in town wants to challenge him! Enter Nicole, a young kick boxer that thinks she can beat the Champion! Leo accepts her challenge and shows the young slut no mercy! Her awesome kicks crush Nicole, leaving her broken and worthless. Her sister Cat watches in shock as her sister is knocked out by Van Damn! Now Cat wants her revenge! She rushes Leo and demands she get a chance to avenge her sisters loss. Leo gives her a chance and Cat is also destroyed by the King's big feet and rock hard legs!

160 Photos $14.95

Foot Power!

Poor Tori is creamed in this match up against the Big Boss, Leo! Watch as he uses his BIG feet to smash, crush and squash sexy Tori's face, breasts and hot body! She's treated like a ragdoll and Leo makes sure the knock her out with a massive, double footed smother! After the hottie is out, he takes his time and poses all over her, she's done!

115 Photos 10.95

Leo vs You

You dare challenge the Big Black Belt Boss? The King of Karate! You don't stand a chance against Leo and his destructive feet! Lets see what you're made off, see if you can survive the power of King Leo's massive lethal soles! Crushing your face! Busting your body and knocking you out! Then suffer his victory poses! Your toast, loser!

85 Photos $7.95

Best Of The Best!

Karate Queen Orias thinks that she is the best! She has such a big ego that she challenges the King of Karate, Leo! She gets in his face, taunts him and tells him that he will kiss her feet! That's when Leo bows and explodes with raw karate power! Orias is blasted by his big black belt feet! Kick after kick connects with the pathetic girls face and weak body! But Leo doesn't stop there, he bitch slaps her with his belt and forces her to kneel and kiss his superior feet before brutally knocking her out!

155 Photos $14.95

El Macho

FM Wrestling Champion El Macho is talking to the Fans when he is attacked by the women's tag team champs Orias and Bella, The Sweet Cheeks! El Macho gets pushed around, but quickly takes control of the situation and takes on both bitches at the same time! El Macho beats the girls down with punches, kicks, elbows, stomps, lifts, wedgies, face stepping victory poses and so much more! In the end The Sweet Cheeks are knocked out and posed over by the Grand Champion, El Macho!

130 Photos $12.95

Face Shots 1

If you love Leo's massive size 13 feet smashing into loser girls faces, then this best of photo set is for you! Watch as Leo kicks and crushes Tori, Aiden, Dragonlily, Lela, Kali, Roxy, Elan, Lizzy and More with his lethal feet!

100 Photos - $10.95

Fight Club

The Fight Club is an underground combat club where the best meet to test their skills and make lots of money! Tonight's main event was against the Champions of both the Men's and Women's Division, Leo vs Tori! The sexy female fight was confident she could beat Leo, but she wasnt prepared for the kick boxers BIG dirty kicks! Tori was dominated and humiliated under Leo's BIG dirty feet!  The Champion of Fight Club was Crowned!

100 Photos $9.95

Raging Bull

The King Of The Ring, Leo, is in the ring and boxing bad ass babe, Dre! The mighty bitch is beating Leo in the beginning of this set until the raging bull turns up the heat and boxes his way to victory! Poor Dre never knew what hit her pretty little face as The Bull unleashes punch after punch to Dre's face, belly and body! Dre doesn't stand a chance and Leo knows it. He goes in for the final knock out, lifting Dre off her feet and sending her crashing to the ground, down and OUT where The Raging Bull poses over her!

110 Photos $9.95

Psycho Ex

Leo is walking when his psycho ex-girlfriend Anna sneaks up from behind and tries to take him out with a deadly karate chop! But her pathetic power does nothing to hurt Leo and he fires back with amazing and powerful kicks to his ex-girlfriends pretty face and hot body! But things don't stop there, Anna then pulls out a weapon and that's when Leo turns up the heat and smashes his Ex with painful strikes to her face and kitty! Once down and finish, Leo poses over the slut and tells her a thing or two before dragging her away!

150 photos $14.95

Beat The Cheat!

Anna is a sexy karate slut that's looking to be the first to kick Leo's ass! But in order to beat the King, she has to cheat! But Leo is too fast and too smart for the blonde slut!! He blocks her attempt at cheating and then unleashes his big powerful feet all over the girls face! Kitty! And Breasts! Anna gets creamed by the King as he strips off her gi, leaving her almost naked and then goes in for the finish!

170 Photos $15.95

The Show Off

Karate Queen Tori has won another first place medal! She loves all the attention she gets when she wins and she loves to show off to the crowd! But today perhaps, she showed off a little too much! Long after the tournament was over, Tori was still showing off her medal while the janitor was cleaning up. She then pushed him out of the way for getting in her spotlight! What a bitch! That's when the janitor puts down his broom and shows Tori that she is nothing but a pathetic loser that deserves to be kicked in the face! Leo the janitor crushes the pretty girls face with tons of kicks! His big lethal feet show no mercy as Tori is reduced into a heap of knocked out hotness! Her pretty face flattened by the janitor's massive soles!

155 photos $14.95


Dragon Slayer

Dragonlily is one of the toughest karate bitches to ever live! Her fast kicks, fierce feet and deadly moves have beaten every man she has ever fought...until now!  Leo is the Dragon Slayer and he steps on to the mat vowing to destroy the Dragon! The cocky bitch doubts that any man could beat her until she gets a fist! A Chop! And a Kick to the face! Dragonlily is beaten badly by the King, but he wont stop until the black belt bitch has been finished off with a BIG size 12 foot stomp to the face! The Dragon has been slain, her reign is over!

100 Photos $9.95

Crazy Bitch!

Leo's ex-girlfriend Bella is a crazy bitch! He broke up with her months ago, but she keeps stalking him. One day she breaks into his house and waits for him to come home! That's when she tries to pounce on him, but the stupid bitch forgot one thing, Leo is a champion fist fighter and he's not afraid to use his fists on Bella's pretty face and body! Bella is pounded like a total slut by Leo's heavy hands, her eyes crossed, her tongue flying out of her mouth and her body thrown around like a ragdoll until Leo puts the finishing fist on her face and then poses over the knocked out crazy bitch!

150 Photos $14.95

Bosses Big Feet

Secretary Tori has a crush on her Bosses BIG feet! She just can't get enough of looking at his fancy shoes, thin socks and BIG feet! One day she snaps and walks into her Bosses office and take charge! She ties him up and stuffs her thong in his mouth! She attacks his BIG feet while her Boss, Mr. Leo can only sit and watch his sexy secretary sniff, lick and suck on his BIG feet! 150 Photos $14.95


Leo is walking when he is attacked by the beautiful, but deadly assassin, Tori! She's ready to launch her lethal attack when her plan backfires! Little did she know that Leo was a karate expert! Her powerful legs and mighty feet blast Tori's pretty face without mercy! He knew the bitch came to take him out, so now, he must make sure the assassin is decimated under his feet!

110 Photos $9.95

Black Belt Bullies

Leo is hanging out at the dojo reading and trying to learn karate. But its not long before Black Belt Bullies, Ayanna and Elan find him! They challenge him, taunt him and put her deadly feet in his face! They pick him up and try to bully him some more and that when Leo ruins their fun! He catches kick after kick and forces the girls to cry out, beg for him to let him go as he stretches their legs up high! Soon the girls are crying, falling all over the place as Leo humiliates them over and over again, showing these bullies that they are nothing but stumbling sluts!

105 Photos $9.95

Feel My Power

Aiden is a kickboxing Champion! Leo is a karate Champion! Now the two want to go toe to toe to see who is the best. Aiden is cock and confident she will win, but after hitting Leo with her best kicks, she sees the Champion is unaffected and now its her turn to feel Leo's power! Aiden is facing a Lion and there is no escape as Leo kicks Aiden's pretty face, body and kitty! His knee strikes are on target, his power is unmatched and Aiden is nothing but a kick bag to Leo's mighty kicks! In the end Aiden is knocked out with a powerful size 12 sole to the face! On the ground, finished, Aiden gets her body and face stepped on as the Lion celebrates his latest victory!

100 Photos $9.95

Not So Tough

Tough bitch Catherine thinks she can take down any man, any time, any place! But she's never met the man with the iron fists, Leo! She thinks she can take him on, but that was a big mistake! Leo rocks the bitch with punch after powerful punch, making her look stupid, silly and humiliated! Catherine's eyes are crossed, her tongue pops out and her body is broken as Leo teaches the not so tough bitch a lesson and then knocks her out with a final blast!

100 Photos $9.95

Used & Abused


Tessa and Sonya are about to wrestle when bad boy Leo walks in and helps Sonya double team little Tessa and beat her down! But once he's used Sonya to beat tiny Tessa down, Leo turns on Sonya and abuses her without mercy until she's useless. That's when the bad boy grabs both Tessa and Sonya and finishes them off by crushing them with a double and triple head butt and poses over the bikini clad bitches in victory!

135 Photos $14.95

Out Of Business!

Sensei Leo is training in his dojo when business woman, Tori, walks in and orders the Karate King to close his dojo so she can open a women's shoe store. But Leo says no and Tori becomes a bitch! That's when Leo puts the little bitch out of business with a bunch of awesome face kicks! Tori can do nothing but take the beating and in the end Leo steps on her face with his black belt feet before taking the trash out!

100 Photos $9.95

The Weakest Sex

Foot Mode Super Star Tori goes toe to toe against powerhouse Leo in a battle of the sexes! Tori thinks she's got all the moves, but the raging bull, Leo, picks Tori up and drops her into a bear hug, belly buster, back breaker and in the end he finishes off the weaker sex with a pile driver that knocks Tori out up side down, her hot soles towards the camera and Leo's might foot flat on her face!

160 Photos $14.95

Stupid Girl

Dragonlily thinks she's a tough girl and challenges Leo to a knock out only fight to the finish! Leo gladly accepts the sluts challenge! The match begins and Leo explodes with powerful kicks, his mighty legs and massive feet crush the Asian bitches face and body! Dragonlily is finished quickly, but Leo is not done! He picks up the girl and smashes her again and again until she is motionless and under his dominant foot! The King poses and says "Girls are stupid and deserved to be kicked in the face!"

150 Photos $14.95

Nag Gets Tagged

Where is he? What's he doing? Who is he with? These are just some of the things nagging bitch Natalie is saying to her friend while waiting for her man to get home. When Leo walks in, she is in his face! Nagging him, asking him questions and breaking his balls! Then Natalie snaps and tries to slap Leo in the one slaps Leo in the face! He catches her wrist and unleashes a painful beating by pounding her face, belly and kitty! She cries and begs him to stop, she tries to make up and kiss him, but its no use, this nag is about to be tagged out and he's not stopping until this nagging bitch is stripped down, humiliated and knocked the hell out! Shut the fuck up bitch!

155 Photos $14.95

Fist Fighter!

This bitch must be brave! She challenged me, King Leo, to a fist fight! Is she crazy? But it didn't bother me, Caroline got what she deserved, a face full of my powerful punches! I knocked that bitch silly and when she begged for me to stop, I gave it to her even harder, its what sluts like her deserve! In the end I knocked her out cold with some ground and pound and then posed all over her pathetic body and then dragged her off for some more

100 photos for $9.95

Beaten & Broken

This set is all about Leo's awesome power! Watch as she picks up Heather, over & over again, each time dropping her on her head & back until he breaks her! Poor Heather screams in pain, begs for mercy & Leo just keeps picking her up & dropping her hard until she is a lifeless ragdoll under her massive foot! His awesome moves include fireman carries, back breakers, pile drivers, belly busting, bear hugs, knock outs & victory poses!

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Super Girl is after a bank robber! But this bad boy is not going quietly! He rocks the pathetic Super Bitch with iron fists & powerful kicks that destroy the not so super girl! In the end he goes for the big knock out & finishes the weakling once & for all, taking the time to pose over her sprawled out body!

135 Pix for $14.95

How Dare She!

When Brandi Challenges Leo to a fist fight, its just a matter of time before the tiny girl gets beaten crossed eyed! The stupid girl feels King Leo's fast fists crash into her soft body & pretty face until she falls out on her feet, out like a light & a total waste of his time!

95 Pix for $9.95


If you love seeing Caroline get crushed, smashed & knocked out, then this set is for you! Leo drags her on to the mat & then proceeds to punch, stretch, pick out & choke out the sexy loser with an extra tight sleeper hold! Then to add insult to injury, he poses her in humiliating positions, legs spread apart!

90 Pix for 9.95

King Of Karate

Leo the King of Karate uses his kicking bag & slave, Tori, to demonstrate how powerful his big mighty feet are! Leo uses various kicks to Tori's pretty face, ruining the girl & making her cry! But Leo shows now pity & uses his strong dirty feet to completely destroy Tori till she is knocked out & under his superior feet!

100 Pix for 9.95

Flattened Feet

Bitchy Bella has sexy, long toes and soles. She claims she can beat any man with the power of her deadly feet, but all that trash talking doesn't last long when the man with the King Sized feet, Leo, walks in and crushes Bella toes and soles with his massive size 13's. Leo stomps, steps and smashes Bella's long toes and soft soles into putty while punishing Bella with chokes, neck twists and he even pops Bella's toes with his powerful  hands. At the end Leo jumps high and comes down hard onto Bella's feet, finishing her feet and knocking her out cold.

120 Photos $11.95

On Sale! The Crusher!

Dressed from head to toe in Skulls, female champion wrestler Dre dares any man to step up and challenge her! Her muscles are strong, her attitude is big and she's a total bitch! But she will never be a match for The Crusher! Big bad Leo gets in her face and crushes the bitch without mercy! Dre is punched, kicked, elbowed, head butted and end picked up high in the air by her throat! The Crusher knocks her out several times and strips her down to nothing but a tiny thong and bra! Now Dre is his to toy with and Leo decides that it's time to say goodnight to the slut that didn't stand a chance, KOing her head down and thonged ass up! It's over!

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Latina babe Paola would not shut up about how great she is. That's when Leo walked on to the mat & told her to shut up or he would shut her up himself! The bitch gave him the hand & told him to get lost! That's when Leo unleashed hell & beat the crap out of the worthless slut & left her upside down & out!

100 Pix for $9.95 - On Sale $7.95

On Sale! The Knock Out Artist

His power and dominance is known all around the world, King Leo is the knock out artist! Watch as she knocks out his slut slave Jordan over and over again with sleeper holds, karate kicks, belly punches, back breaks and much more! Each knock out ends with Leo's signature victory poses over his beaten broken slave girl!

102 photos $9.95 - On Sale $7.95


On Sale! Kicked In The Face!

Two tiny bitches, Roxie & Elan have the guts to challenge King Leo, the biggest, baddest, black belt in town! These two little sluts quickly learn that challenging Leo was a big mistake as he uses his might feet to kick & smash their pretty faces! The sluts cry, but he shows them no mercy as he slams his lethal feet flat into their mouths, noses & faces! Leo puts on a show as she uses jean claude van dam style kicks to dominate, destroy & knock out the weak, pathetic bitches that challenged him! 100 Photos for $9.95 - On Sale $7.95

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